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2016/07/23 Customer Review - JellyBean

2016/07/23 Customer Review - JellyBean

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Ms. Criselda, Review submitted on 07/23/16
New home for Jellybean (Click for video)

Thank you Rolly teacup puppies for making my first puppy purchase online a hassle-free transaction. 
At first I had my doubts about sending a certain amount of money without having any guarantees or feedbacks from someone I know but talking to April made me decide that very day that I'll push through with it! She made me feel at ease with the decision that I just made. Options on the best way to get the puppy were also offered along with constant updates on vet check-ups & photos of the puppy  
April asking and offering me help on the status of my import papers was a big help and was very appreciated. She also tries to help with every little matter that I bring up.. Down to packing snacks for my puppy in case she gets hungry after the plane ride. Thank you! I'm glad I decided to get Jellybean (she's now Lily).. She's now my constant companion. I hope to buy another healthy puppy in the future from your company again! Much love from Lily & Me!

Ps. Thank you for your advice on her health and even potty training. Lol