2018/07/25 - Customer Review - Nana & Chloe

2018/07/25 - Customer Review - Nana & Chloe

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From Ms. Barrett, Review submitted on 07/25/2018
New home for Nana & Chloe

We are so happy with our 2 puppies from Rolly’s & can’t thank April and Bryan enough for their amazing service.

I had been looking for a teacup pug for a number of years in the UK and didn’t have any luck finding one. I first found Rolly’s on instagram and was hesitant at first after seeing lots of companies which were scams. However, after contacting April and her explaining to me that they are a legitament company and showing me many articles I soon felt more comfortable and had my heart set on buying a puppy from this amazing company!

I fell in love with a tiny teacup pug called Nana and instantly bought her. April guided me through the entire process and Bryan informed me with all the information regarding Nana’s flight - even allowing us to track her entire journey, so I knew she was in safe hands!

When we got her we were so shocked how tiny she was she didn’t even look real! She looked identical to the photos and videos... we are so pleased with her!!! When we collected her April was so patient with answering all my questions and gave me many instructions so that I knew exactly how to look after my puppy. Even now that she is 2 years old many people still come up to us in public asking where we bought her and how she is so tiny, they always think she is a young puppy!

After being so pleased with Nana we decided to purchase another puppy of course from Rolly’s (there is no where better!). We bought a mini cream frenchie named Chloe and are so in love with her! She has the sweetest personality and is so pretty! Both of them get along so well and don’t leave each other alone.

A year and a half on from purchasing our first puppy with them, April still makes a great effort to keep in touch with us and ask how they are doing - which many companies would never do! This truly shows how they genuinely care and love all of their puppies.

We are now waiting to meet our third puppy from Rolly’s called Bonnie, another teacup pug and are beyond excited! There was no hesitation in choosing Rolly’s for all 3 of our puppies.

I could not recommended this company enough and would never go anywhere else now! Everything about this company is amazing - their service, aftercare and of course their puppies!

Thank you so much April and Bryan for your help we really appreciate it!