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2017/07/31 Customer Review - Jill

From Ms. Kim 07/31/2017 -
New home for Jill (Now Anika)
We had a great experience with Rolly. April and Bryan were so easy to communicate with and so helpful. The process went very smoothly. We absolutely adore our precious red poodle puppy. Within days, she potty pad trained, can sit, stay, go back, get down from jumping, stops nibbling at us on command with "no bite" (she's teething so the urge is very understandable), she knows her name, when we talk to her she looks right at us and tilts her head, we swear she understands us or is trying hard to, she even watches tv sometimes and it seems she's trying to understand, she seems so smart, she responds so well to us, she's happy if we hold her and play with her and she's happy if she is playing with her toys by herself or lounging and sleeping by herself, she only barks a small playful bark at her toys every once in awhile, didn't take long for her to hold still while i comb her, bathe her, trim her hair, clean her eyes, ears, and teeth, when we sing to her, her ears perk up, her temperament is as sweet as can be. She had a great vet check up and is very healthy. We can't thank enough Rolly, April, Bryan, and her care team for helping get her to us. She is amazing! Thank you so much!

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