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2017/06/18 Customer Review - Zac

2017/06/18 Customer Review - Zac

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From Mr. Deif, Review submitted on 06/18/2017 -
New home for Zac

Jax now has a new home.  I recently purchased a teacup poodle named Jax (short for Jackson) from April at Rolly Pups.  I was introduced to her through my friend Eric who bought an amazing Pomsky from her.  I had never seen a dog that cute.  I immediately began following Rolly looking for a small cute poodle (I have allergies so this is a perfect breed for me since they don't shed and are hypoallergenic dogs).  I saw Jax and I had never seen a cuter cream colored poodle in my life!

I began my due diligence.  Reading reviews on Google, Facebook, Instagram, all over the internet and could not find one negative review on Rolly.  In fact, all I read were positive experiences people had.  That combined with my friend's great experience made me like this was a easy decision to make.

Rolly got me the most perfect cute pup.  His personality is so vibrant, I get stopped everywhere I go with Jax.  Happy, healthy, Jax now has a new home and today was my first father's day as a new dad to Jax.

Thanks Rolly!