2017/05/30 Customer Review - Boss

2017/05/30 Customer Review - Boss

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From Mr. Galler, Review submitted on 06/18/2017 -
New home for Boss

We will never buy a dog from anywhere else other than Rolly Teacup! They have a gift at finding the world’s best puppies. Our Frenchie is by far the cutest thing we’ve ever seen and he gets cuter every day. He has a fan club everywhere we go!!!!


The videos and photos are exactly the puppy you receive! We couldn’t believe that anything so adorable could really exist but they do! Our puppy sat in my lap and licked my arm the whole ride home from the airport. He was immediately ours and we were immediately in love.


Rolly Teacup also provides outstanding service before, during and after purchase Every detail of Boss’s flight was flawlessly executed. April has been a truly wonderful resource of advice and information. We had so many questions the first couple of weeks and she was always available to guide us. 


We are so grateful to April and Bryan at Rolly Teacup for everything!