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Verified Contact Lists

With growing number of scammers trying to use our pictures and names, 
here are the list of our verified contact & names.

Verified name: April & Bryan

We do not use any other name for the contact, especially when we are requesting a deposit through Paypal. 


Our Paypal invoice only comes from 

Verified Paypal account: sales@rollypups.com

We do not use any other email address for the Paypal invoice request. Although it's highly likely the scammers will try to use emails with our domain name, please look out for where the invoice is coming from. We also use our logo on the invoice.


Verified E-Mail contact: info@rollypups.com, april@rollypups.com & support@rollypups.com

These are the only communication e-mail we use. We do not send any e-mails out from sales@rollypups.com except for the invoice from Paypal.


Verified Phone Number: +1 678.631.7877 & +1 678.631.8870

This is the only number we use for calls and only number you should use to contact us.


Verified Social media contacts: Instagram Link & Facebook Link

Although we try our best to upkeep all social media accounts, our main focus is on Instagram. 



Verified Messenger: Whatsapp & Line

Whatsapp & Line contact number is +1 678.631.7877 & +1 678.631.8870 (Whatsapp only)


As our company grows and start adding more team members, this page will get updated accordingly. Please make sure to check this page for contact information should you receive someone claiming to be us. Please ask the person to update this specific pages if they claim to be one of our members.

To all impersonators/scammers: We will make sure to track you down with all the resources we have available and make sure you do not scam our customers or anyone else looking for the puppy.