Welcome to new Rolly Pups!

Shopping List

=Shopping List==
A Small Playpen (Not a Crate. A crate will come with a puppy)
Humidifier (Any Brand)
Bowls(food bowl must be shallow)
Harness XS
Name tag
Wee pads and holder
Bed, blanket
Royal Canine, XS Puppy(Dry), 2lb bag
Royal Canine Mini Starter Mousse.(wet food)/get 3
Canidae Pure Small Breed (Dry, switch after 2,3wks)
Pumpkin Puree ×3
Canned Chicken breast
Dewormer, Brand:Bayer
Bottled water
No treat
lots of Love

**Switching food must be graudual. It has to be mixed with previous food at first.
You can also mix it with canned pumpkin to help with digestion.

** You may give single ingredient treats such as Bullsticks, Dried Chicken feet or Sweet potato after 2,3wks.

** Provide some Nutrical at the pick up and at night for first 2days, morning and night.

**The Puppy is dewormed. However we recommend them to be dewormed again after a flight.