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2016/08/20 Customer Review - BeBe

2016/08/20 Customer Review - BeBe

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From Ms. Dauber, Review submitted on 08/20/2016
New Home for BeBe, now Jack (Click for Video)

I would like to share the absolutely fabulous experience I had with Rolly Pups Inc.

My son sent me the link for Rollyteacuppuppies.com. To say I fell in love at first sight is an understatement. Of course, like others, I wanted to move forward with the purchase of Bebe (now "Jack"), but felt I needed to proceed with caution. Did I dare believe the company was actually legitimate?

That's when I started communicating with April! April is a complete Angel! She walked me through the process. She gave me the information I was looking for about Jack and then some! Immediately my defenses started to relax. I gained a trust for the Company because of her. I could not wait to communicate with April each day and despite me apologizing for bugging her, she continually assured me I was absolutely no bother! She is genuinely kind, caring, and so knowledgeable about the Company, the pups, and the process from start to finish. She greatly exceeded all my expectations. April provided not only the guidance about the process but also wonderful tips on what Jack would need to make his homecoming extremely special. Rolly Pups Inc. is positively lucky to have April as their associate! I believe she is the instrumental key to their success.  April's work ethic is beyond perfection. She treats her clients with the utmost of respect and kindness.

Jack has been doing so awesome since he arrived. Jack instantly acclimated to his new home. He is so friendly, healthy, and is a complete love. He likes to eat, sleep, play and cuddle. He already decided which of his toys is his favorite!

From the very bottom of my heart, thank you Rolly Pups Inc. for taking the best care of Jack since his birth, thank you April for your never ending kindness and support. Jack is in an extremely loving home and he has adjusted so well to his new family.

I am truly so grateful and rest assured Jack will have a beautiful life.