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2017/07/22 Customer Review - Jack

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From Ms. Le 07/19/2017 - 
New home for Muffin
From start to finish, the staff at Rolly Teacups have been amazing. I texted their whatsapp to look for a Maltese and reserved Belle before they had the chance to post her on their Instagram.
They answered all my questions and concerns. I didn't get the name of the person that I talked to originally through their whatsapp number but that person was great with helping me with the purchase. You could tell that they really care about their puppies and were not pushy to make a sale. They want you to feel comfortable when purchasing. I looked up their site and there was absolutely nothing bad written about their company, unlike all the other companies I've researched.
Bryan was in charge of sorting out the flight information and he was amazingly accommodating! I was a tough customer haha I felt bad but I had to change my dates around a couple times and change the names on the AWB. He worked to fix everything quickly and efficiently even when I had to change something at the very last minute! They have amazing customer service and they respond to you within minutes. Belle arrived looking exactly like how she did in her video. She's super energetic and playful; she loves running around. She has an amazing personality. I am beyond happy with Rolly Teacups and would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone!

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