Junior - Pomeranian

Rolly Pups

Posted on November 24 2020

Junior - Pomeranian

From Mr. Espinosa
New home for Junior the Pomeranian

I purchased my first teacup Pomeranian from Rolly Teacups and I couldn't be be any more pleased. Great service and communication was provided ensuring that the puppy was in good health and in fact, the best choice for me. Not only did Rolly Teacups make sure the puppy was sent comfortably and punctually, they even followed up making sure Junior was still in good health. Overall, the service was excellent and helped me effectively manage my first puppy!

As for Junior, he is by the far the cutest and most playful puppy I have ever seen. Junior is intelligent and just as tiny as expected. I am beyond satisfied and he's a great addition to the family. I would recommend Rolly for ANYONE looking to purchase a high class teacup puppy!


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