Dexter - English B

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Posted on November 24 2020

Dexter - English B

From Ms. Martinez (From Round Rock, TX)
New home for Dexter (Now Maui)

All I have to say we absolutely LOVE MAUI aka dexter (our English bulldog pup)!!!
I purchased him with no doubt because I fell in love with him... 
Next day, I had family and friends telling me," What was I thinking and that I just got scammed!!" 
It was so funny because I started txting April early in the morning telling her that this place was a scam and etc.
April ROCKS for going above and beyond for showing me this company is real with so many documents. 
Now, I actually felt bad because this company is totally legit. 
Thank you April for everything and having patience for my craziness and answering every question I had.
I would highly recommend ROLLY 100% 
Our pup got checked out through a vet and MAUI is healthy as he can be. 
Don't believe every negative comment you read out there. 

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