Coco - Poodle

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Posted on November 24 2020

Coco - Poodle

From Ms. Quesada, Review submitted on 01/09/2017
New Home for Cherry (Renamed to Coco)


Hello April! here is my review, sorry for taking so long! and thank you sooooo much for everything :) 

Made my deposit online on December 17th, 2016. Rollypuppies was so professional from the start. From that moment they asked me where and when I wanted my puppy to be shipped. They were so helpfull with the entire process, April told me exactly what to do step by step and how to take care of the little one once I got her. She was available on the phone 24/7 to guide me through the whole process.
My puppy arrived December 21st,  just 4 days after I had made my depost! unbelievably fast. I wanted to have her before christmas and April made sure to make that happen.
The process was so easy, I went to Korean air cargo counter. Coco came in a kennel with her water and food taped on the top of the kennel. Customs signed my paperwork and the puppy was ready to go home with me.
I thought the puppy would be scared or tired after such a long flight, but she was already being herself, barking and playing with me. She was already potty trained which made it so much easier for me. She was already eating dry food too! which is amazing for such a little puppy. 
Everyone thinks that small puppies are more likely to be ill, but I took her to the vet, and of course the puppy is 100% healthy and all shots up to date.
Coco is such a sassy and playfull puppy, its amazing how such a tiny dog could have such energy. 
Up until today, April checks on Coco and guides me with any doubts, concerns or questions I might have. April is amazing and there isnt enough words to describe her professionalism and how greatful I am of having done business with her.
 If you want a healthy teacup puppy, Rollypuppies is the answer. Honestly, the best dogs are from Korea, there is no doubt about that. People might think its a little pricey, but to be honest this puppy is priceless and I would buy her over and over again. 

There is no doubt I will buy my next puppy at Rollypuppies again. I am so happy that I found Rollypuppies and so lucky to have Coco in my life.

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