Gus - Chihuahua

Rolly Pups

Posted on November 24 2020

Gus - Chihuahua

From Mr. Illescas
New Home for 'Gus' (Click for Video)

Thanks so much for helping us find Gus!  We are dog people and have always had them in our lives, but even we were amazed at his fantastic demeanor.  He is loving and well behaved and more than we had hoped for in a new family pet.  As our daughter's birthday gift, he has far surpassed our expectations and brought us so much joy.  He is happy to play when she wants to and to just sit and cuddle if that suits her as well.  We are so glad we did our homework to find Rolly.  There is no comparison between your service and any other source we looked at.  We were pleased with the process and happy to see he arrived just as planned with no stress from his journey.  He is definitely not the last dog we will purchase from Rolly.  Many thanks!

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