Cory - Pekingese

Rolly Pups

Posted on November 24 2020

Cory - Pekingese

From Ms. Goldblatt (From New York)
New Home for 'Cory' (Click for Video)

We are so grateful to April and Rolly Teacup Puppies for our sweet and adorable Cory.  He has brought immeasurable love and joy into our house.  For many years, my children had been begging me for a dog.  I was concerned about the responsibility and my answer was always - NO.  This summer when my daughters showed me a photo of Cory on the Rolly Teacup Puppies website - I could not resist.  I was skeptical about buying a dog from Korea and doubtful about claiming a dog at the airport after such a long journey. Yet the process was well organized, clear and much simpler than expected.  April could not have been more patient with my thousands of questions - this is no joke.  I was texting and calling and texting many times each day.  April was understanding and supportive.  It was she and her commitment which allowed me to move forward with the whole process.  And now Cory is talk of the town.  Everyone wants to meet him.  My family adores him. My friend who is a dog trainer says - “Cory is the cutest dog I have ever seen.”   Thanks and gratitude to April and Rolly Teacup Puppies for our bundle of joy!!!! .

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